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We are passionate about what we do but also about our planet. Each of our makes are made by hand in small batches in our Worcestershire studio. Our textile artwork is made using textile offcuts and scraps - turning 'waste' into something beautiful. 

As a small indie business we set out to be as sustainable and eco friendly as we could from the word go! We have always used environmentally friendly packaging; choosing to use recycled and easy to reuse/recycle packaging. Recycled paper/ card / envelopes and boxes are our choice. We reuse where we can too. 


Nothing is mass produced and we are very selective about the materials we use.


So, materials - We like to buy from other small independent businesses who also care about how and where their raw materials are produced. We believe this not only continues to support others but also means we can more easily trace our fabrics and have a better linked relationship with the process. We are switching to organic cottons and threads where we can and are always looking to buy our fabrics from sellers of sustainably grown cotton. Our more hidden raw materials are also carefully chosen for both their safety and environmental credentials.

Waste - Because we cut everything by hand we can control placement on fabric which allows us to make the best use of a piece. We sell a range of beautiful, smaller products which are made from tiny pieces of fabric and fabric offcuts. We believe you can have beautiful, useful things in your life that don't create waste in themselves.

Our studio space in Worcestershire is based at The Fold: A pioneering centre promoting sustainable living and healthy lifestyles situated on an organic working farm in the Time River valley. Our studio is heated using a biomass boiler where a substantial proportion of the biomass 'willow fuel' is grown and harvested on site.

We walk or cycle to our local village post office with your orders too so that keeps us happy and healthy!

We are by no means perfect - sustainability is a journey we are on and there is always something more for us to learn and greener changes we can embed into our practices. We have recently completed the Small Business Sustainability Basics Programme run by Small Business Britain in partnership with Oxford Brookes Business School where we linked with others and evaluated our business in terms of its sustainability. Celebrating the good parts and working on others.


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