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2024 Creative Textile Workshops

"At the beginning you led me methodically through all the different products I needed to use for different effects so I didn't feel over whelmed when it came to the 'fun' more creative bit...and your guiding words: 'slow hands, fast feet' were really helpful...


I can't wait to iron the calico cloth I've just got through the post and start 'playing' with some free float designs...the guided but still rather random results are very satisfying and I can see how they will become part of my multimedia art work.


Your workshop has opened a door to many exciting effects and many thanks."



"Thank you so much for the lovely session and fab cake and tea.

I really enjoyed the session and learning something new. I was able to be in a creative and relaxed space for several hours."


"We had a wonderful time with Katy learning how to make textile paper and free machine embroidery.  Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious and she is generous in sharing her expertise.  Katy has a lovely knack of explaining techniques and encouraging creativity in a friendly and supportive way making it easy to try new things with confidence. We were both thrilled with the pieces we created and are keen to do more papermaking and free embroidery.  Katy is lovely to spend time with and she makes a mean lemon drizzle cake!"

Jane & Julia

"Katy arranged the workshop at a time to suit me as I was visiting the area for a limited time. Studio/shop was tidy when I arrived, with everything laid out ready. Covid precautions were in place. There was just myself attending but there was space for another 2 or 3 people. She explained what I would be making, and how.

I made a practice piece to learn the techniques, which were new to me.  And then went on to make a bigger piece. Katy offered guidance on colours and the fibres to use, and demonstrated the different stages.

I'm really pleased with the end result and have got enough knowledge now to be able to work similar pieces at home. It was a fun session and I would recommend it.  And the cake was delicious too".


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